Flexible Magnetic Strips

Our Flexible Magnetic Material is made of rubberized thermoplastic material with a UV resistant coating that allows for maximum flexibility without affecting the integrity of the magnet itself.

Not all thicknesses of our  Flexible Magnetic Strips and backings are available online, please call to order.



We have a variety of strips and sheets available with thicknesses ranging from 1/32” to 1/4”, standard and high energy strengths, and various pole orientations (North/South and Multi/Through). And for additional functionality, we can add a high strength acrylic-based adhesive, VHB adhesive or a white PVC coating to create a write-on / write-off surface!


Flexible Magnetic Strips



Max. Length** Max. Width
1/32” 50’ 6”
1/16” 50’ 6”
1/8” 50’ 6”
5/32” 50’ 6”
3/16” 50’ 6”
1/4" 50’ 6”


Energy Grade: Standard or High Energy

Coating: Plain and Indoor Acrylic Adhesive and we also offer additional coatings

**100’ Lengths can be ordered for some thicknesses. Please call for details.


Flexible Magnetic Sheets


Thickness Max. Length Max. Width
.015” 50’ 24”
.020” 50’ 24”
.030” 50’ 24”


Energy Grade: Standard

Coating: Plain, White Laminate, Indoor Acrylic Adhesive and we also offer additional coatings