Specialty Magnets

We can help you make the most of your project with our standard ceramic magnets, economical Alnico magnets and our high strength Matrix magnets. 


Alnico and Matrix magnets are not available online, please call to order.


Matrix Magnets

  • Our Matrix Magnets may look small but don’t be fooled, they are made from rare earth elements Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) which make them incredibly strong for their size and appropriate for almost any application. Our standard Matrix Magnets are triple plated with Nickel-Copper-Nickel electroplating but they can be customized with black nickel plating, gold plating or colored epoxy, all of which helps to improve the brittle nature of the finished product.  Add a high strength adhesive to your Matrix Magnets and double their functionality! 


    Not all sizes are available online, please call to place an order.

    •    Applications: Marketing SWAG, Brochures, Packaging Closures, High-End Displays, Computer components


     If your size is not listed below please contact us we can work with custom sizing!


    Model Dimension Grade
    M83 8 mm Dia. x 3 mm Thk N30
    M018-060 .187" Dia. x .060"Thk N35
    M018-060-50 .187" Dia. x .060" Thk N50
    M018-018 .187" Dia. x .187" Thk N35
    M025-060 .250" Dia. x .060" Thk N35
    M025-060-50 .250" Dia. x .060"Thk N50
    M025-100-50 .250" Dia. x .100" Thk N50
    M025-125 .250" Dia. x .125" Thk N35
    M025-125-50 .250" Dia. x .125" Thk N50
    M025-250 .250" W x .250" L x .100 Thk N35
    M038-060 .375" Dia. x .060" Thk N35
    M038-100 .375" Dia. x .100" Thk N35
    M050-025 .500" Dia. x .025" Thk N35
    M050-060 .500" Dia. x .060" Thk N35
    M050-060-50 .500" Dia. x .060" Thk N50
    M050-125 .500" Dia. x .125" Thk N35
    M050-250 .500" Dia. x .250" Thk N35
    M050-500 .500" Dia. x .500" Thk N35
    M075-060 .750" Dia. x .060" Thk N35
    M075-080-50 .750" Dia. x .080" Thk N50
    M075-375 .750" Dia. x .375" Thk N35
    M075-500 .750" Dia. x .500" Thk N35
    M100-025-060 1" L x .250" W x .060" Thk N35
    M100-050-060 1" L x .500" W x .060" Thk N35
    M100-050-125 1" L x .500" W x .125" Thk N35
    M100-050-250 1" L x .500" W x .250 Thk N35
    M100-100-500 1" L x 1" W x .500" Thk N35
    M100-250 1" Dia. x .250" Thk N35
    M100-500 1" Dia. x .500" Thk N35
    M100-750 1" Dia. x .750" Thk N35
    M150-025-125 1.5" L x .250" W x .125" Thk N35


Alnico Magnets

  • These are the strongest of the non-rare earth magnets and can stand up to the heat by utilizing an alloy of Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt.  Alnico magnets are typically cast as rods or bars and their bright metallic color is attractive in any setting. 


    Not available online, please call to place an order.


    • Applications: Electronic Devices, Cow Magnets


    Product Name Model Dimension Hold Rating
    Alnico Bar AL-075-125 1/8” Wide x 3/4" Length x 1/8” Height 3 OZ