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Magnetic Aids, Inc.

Magnetic Top Mount Picture Hanger - Holds 10LBS

Magnetic Top Mount Picture Hanger - Holds 10LBS

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Our Best Selling Product! We are the leading manufacturer of magnetic picture hangers that show off your pictures, plaques and certifications. Our magnetic picture hangers attract to most steel wall and steel cabinet construction - no mounting hardware or tools required. With center mount and top mount options, our picture hangers can accommodate any type of frame and feature a full magnetic backing for a hold rating of up to 50 lbs! 


Our magnetic picture hangers feature different magnetic strengths for a wide range of hold ratings that can be appropriate for vinyl or even fabric covered steel walls. Please see the list below to determine which product is right for your application!


Standard products are compatible with plain or painted steel walls

Products with -060 are compatible with thin vinyl covered steel walls

Products with -060N are compatible with thick vinyl covered steel walls

Products with -125 are compatible with vinyl/fabric covered steel walls

Products with -125N are compatible with thick fabric covered steel walls


Hold Rating On Painted Steel: 10 LBS. 


                   A        B          C

TPH-100 -   3"        7"         3/16"

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